The wedding farms in Puglia are very famous, but what exactly are they? These are locations often used for the celebration of the wedding. Puglia is in fact one of the most famous regions in the Italian peninsula, as regards the organization of weddings. Some studies have shown that in recent years, even from abroad many tourists arrive who wish to get married in Puglia, and in particular in the farms. 

Wedding Masserie in Puglia: what exactly they are

masserie wedding in puglia
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The farms in Puglia are very numerous and more and more, especially in recent years, are chosen as a location for the wedding theme, or for the wedding. In fact, there are very numerous young couples who come from all over Italy, or even from foreign countries, to go to Puglia and celebrate the wedding reception there. To be literally stormed for these celebrations are the farms. These are ancient farmhouses that once corresponded to the old aristocratic lodgings. In addition to understanding the concept of immense villas, the term “masseria” however also intends to indicate the old lodgings of farmers, stables, warehouses and places involved in the production of cheeses or typical products of a farm. In other words, the farmhouse was synonymous with “latifundium “, that is, the immense space that included both the estate of the lord and his subjects.

Credit: Fotogravina

If this was the meaning of ancient “household”, today these are large farmhouses totally reworked, renovated, and many have become farmhouses or farms. Especially in recent years, however, these estates have become splendid locations that host young newlyweds, eager to celebrate their wedding reception in these fantastic spaces. Among the most famous farms used for this purpose, there are Montenapoleone, Masseria San Nicola, Masseria Calderisi and Melograno.

Masseria Montenapoleone: its characteristics

There are many young married couples who choose as their location for their wedding the “Masseria Montenapoleone “, one of the most famous in the whole of Puglia. To make it such is also its strategic position, since it is located right in the central part of the region, about 50 km from Bari, but also in the middle of the so-called “Piana degli Ulivi”. In fact, surrounding its mighty walls there is a natural landscape worthy of being visited and photographed in every corner: the green landscape becomes almost unlimited, and is decorated with various plantations of olive trees, but also vineyards.

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However, this is not the only characteristic of the farmhouse in question: its proximity to the Valle d’Itria makes it famous, the perfect point for easy access to the Salento area. Those who choose to celebrate their wedding here, not only will have the opportunity to choose a type of elegant location and at the same time surrounded by nature, but also choose an estate located in a position to say the least magical. From here, in fact, the couple will be able to enjoy their holiday in Puglia, if they come from abroad or from other regions, and admire all the beauties of the surrounding area. 

masserie wedding in puglia
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There has been talk of elegance, quality guaranteed by the magnificent rooms in the farm: those who want to stay here will have the opportunity to choose to sleep in one of its wonderful suites. 

Masseria San Nicola: reason why it is famous

Ideal to celebrate your wedding is also the Masseria San Nicola , divided into three different houses: the “Casa Fico D’India”, “Casa Oleandro”, “Casa Gelso”, and surrounded by wonderful gardens that also offer the opportunity to celebrate outdoors.

Located in Fasano, in Brindisi district, it offers the particularity of choosing in which area of ​​the farm to celebrate its function, as well as visiting its magnificent gardens, with a typical nineteenth-century style. Rich in citrus fruits, nature and green spaces, the gardens are the most particular attraction of the Masseria San Nicola. 

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Masseria Calderisi: its particularities

The Masseria Calderisi , located in Savelletri, in Fasano district, is one of the most famous farms in the region, which has been renovated in recent years. The works have transformed it into a very elegant estate, ready to welcome several couples who want to celebrate their wedding, offering them the possibility of hosting even more than 300 guests.

The external part has a vast green space, enriched by the presence of a large swimming pool, which offers a very high sense of elegance. In addition to this, the farm is located very close to the magnificent area of ​​the Itria Valley. 

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Masseria Il Melograno: the first farmhouse

The Masseria Il Melograno was the first ever in Apulia, to be renovated and used to hold events, or otherwise to the customer receipt. It is a very old estate, already existing in the seventeenth century. Inside there are several alleys, enriched by the presence of white stones, typical of the Apulian territory, as well as a very elegant restaurant that can accommodate many guests. Without a doubt a fantastic way to celebrate the wedding, but also to relax and spend days completely immersed in nature.

These 4 just described are some of the most famous farms in Puglia, but this beautiful region has a lot of them, and the young couple just have to choose the one they like best, and best suited to best satisfy their tastes.

masserie wedding in puglia
Credits & More Pics: Matteo Lomonte

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