The engagement and the wedding video are very important to create a video shoot that remembers the moments before the date, and to have the movie that you remember that special day. But what is it? It is called “Engagement session” and even if the first term, taken individually, means “engagement”, in this case the complete expression indicates several photographic shots realized before the couple gets married.

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Wedding Engagement Video: why?

They are two very important elements, which represent the transition from engagement to the formalization of love, crowned with the wedding. Young couples who are getting married should consider not only the importance of the year of marriage, but also the previous one, full of preparations for the magical day. It is a photo shoot that is made before the wedding and is also linked to a tradition that is particularly widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries. Anglo-Saxon people in fact consider two people officially “engaged” only after the marriage proposal has been made. This tradition demonstrates the importance between the engagement and the subsequent wedding, but consequently also the engagement session.

wedding engagement
Credit: Matteo Lomonte

Two important years

Future spouses should consider “their important year” not only the year of marriage, but also the previous one. Precisely in the engagement year, in fact, they have to prepare numerous elements for the great day and they should also contact the professionals who will take care of the photos, the wedding video and all the details to make that date truly special. In short, as we have seen, it is really important to underline, also with the engagement session and the wedding video, the transition from engagement to marriage.


Matteo Lomonte – Wedding Photographer

Francesco Gravina – Destination Wedding Italian Photographer

Federica Ariemma – Wedding Photographer

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