Independent videographers have become more prevalent throughout Italy and have a very specific job, which is to make videos, take care of their assembly and their characteristics, but not all. Just in recent years the figure of these professionals is becoming increasingly important, and more and more people choose to rely on them, rather than on photographic studios.

Videografi indipendenti

Independent videographers: who they are 

Independent videographers are professionals who deal with a very specific sector: they make videos of any kind, edit them, and insert writings, songs or any other element requested by the customer. They can make videos for a company, with a useful editing to make users understand what the purpose of that particular company is, or they can upload images in order to create advertising campaigns, but not only. 

The professional videographer is increasingly becoming a “wedding videographer“, that is, an expert in video for weddings. In fact, more and more people are wishing to film every moment of their wedding reception, film smiles, emotions, and be able to see them whenever they wish. There are many advantages that come from choosing to contact an independent videographer and rely on this professional figure, rather than a photo studio. 

Videografi indipendenti

Independent videographers vs photographic studios: why choose the first ones 

Choosing an independent videographer involves a long series of advantages, such as the fact of relying on a real expert. It is no coincidence that this professional figure is called ” video-graph “, a term deriving from the Greek verb “graph”, which means “to write”. He is therefore an expert very specialized in the field of editing, making videos, inserting other graphic or sound elements inside. The difference with a photographic studio is clear, as the latter is mainly concerned with taking care of an image, while the videographer is the one who makes the entire video, taking care of every aspect of it to the best, then realizes it with a 360 ° view. ° . 

Choosing an independent videographer therefore means relying on a professional who will know how to take care of the details required by the customer, will know how to satisfy him, will know how to advise him best to choose the best element, which can bring out a certain moment of the video, or a certain image. In addition to this, choosing such a person also means having a reliable person in front of you, who aims to create a relationship based on trust with the customer and above all to establish a certain empathy with him. This is fundamental to obtain a perfect result of the work. In fact, an expert videographer is also the one who is able to manage customer requests, satisfying them as much as possible, but above all also managing to understand their needs.

Videografi indipendenti

Of course, even the photographic studio can be equipped with expert professional figures, but the videographer is much more specialized and choosing it, you will also have the advantage of having a video certainly different from that of the other customers. 

The photographic studio specializes in another sector, therefore it will tend to bring out different details, which could perhaps lead to a less effective result. 

Another advantage deriving from the choice of the videographer is the “pathos “: this expert experiences all the emotions with the client and tries to transfer them to the best in the video. The latter, especially if made for a wedding, will no doubt be able to excite, to arouse something in the soul of anyone who sees it. 

Independent videographers

This will happen for each type of video that you intend to make, that is, whether the video aims to advertise the services of a company, whether it aims to reconstruct the best moments of a ceremony, or whether it wants to give specific messages. This means that in all these cases, the videographer’s task is always one: to move, create, revive emotions, with his magnificent videos. 

Some of the Italian independent photographers:

Matteo Lomonte – Wedding Photographer

Matteo Lomonte – Wedding Photographer

Francesco Gravina – Destination Wedding Italian Photographer

Federica Ariemma – Wedding Photographer

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