I’m Giuseppe Piserchia, I was born in 1993 in Naples, a city rich in art and people. It took shape here – in the place that gave me birth – my desire to tell the world through people, using the camera. I trained as a self-taught person, but thanks to workshops and specialization courses I refined my skills. I like being constantly evolving, studying the progress of technology, experimenting with new shooting and sound techniques. On the experimental approach that distinguishes me has greatly affected my ten-year stay in Berlin. In this capital – creative and modern – always attentive to novelties, I have learned to overcome boundaries and break the mold. The multifaceted context of the European metropolis gave a strong impetus to my artistic and musical inspiration. The musician’s path has been decisive for my videographer activity. I made music the harmonic queen of images. And I turned the image into a music translation tool. Thus, the two elements – music and images – are founded – in an inseparable way – in my videos, enhancing each other. In this magnificent intertwining my rock soul is fully expressed


When I was a kid I conceived the world in sentimental and emotional terms. Over the years my interest has moved on couples, on their affinity. Looking at their little gestures, I fell so in love with the idea of ​​love that I did my job. The geography of feelings leads me to often travel for engagement, elopement and destination wedding. For 2019 I chose the beauty of Puglia as a stable base.
Today I am a happy wedding videographer: I tell love moving on the wedding day. Piano sequence, filming, audio recordings, photography are the pens with which I write the story of the couple. I’m the videomaker and the storyteller of their wedding film: I’m following the motions of stolen kisses, the delicacy of caresses, the dreamy smiles, the tender looks of excited mothers.
Every detail is relevant to me, it becomes even more when the spouses do not know they are seen. My gift for them is a film – unique and precious – on which to stop the eternal flow of a beat, of a moment, of a very brief instant.